Autophagy Skin Care

Gift for late partner turns to thriving business

Autophagy Skincare is the brainchild of Vania Bailey, a nationally accredited make-up artist and brow stylist, whose journey into the skincare industry has been a labour of love, heart-ache and healing.

“Autophagy began as a birthday gift for my long-time partner, Nic,” Vania says.

“He could buy whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and after being with him for so long I had to get a bit creative with gift giving.

“He didn’t like using strongly-scented or heavy moisturiser that felt like he was wearing makeup – sometimes he would even wash it off – so I decided I would create a lightweight moisturiser just for him.”

After four years of research, and with the help of a dermatologist and a biochemist, the first product in the range – a unisex hydrating gel for all ages – was born.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, Nic sadly passed away before Vania could present him with his bespoke gift. Now, five years since his sudden death, Autophagy has given Vania a new lease of life, as well as taken on an identity of its own.

“Not only was I heartbroken, I also became deeply depressed. Researching Autophagy was a self-renewal process when I was in such a dark place, it saved my life.

Vania is thrilled to have bought a luxury product with New Zealand ingredients like Kawakawa to the market and believes Nic would be proud of the result.

“Since Autophagy Facial Hydrator went to market sales are steadily increasing and feedback shows lots of other men also need a super lightweight, easy to apply moisturiser and women love the hydrator under makeup or use it as serum. Because it really was a labour of love, it is unique and I believe people can feel that in the product.

“Autophagy is about self-care. My hope is that it will bring people as much peace and balance as it has brought me,” Vania says.

About Autophagy Skincare

Autophagy is derived from natural ingredients and focuses on powerful New Zealand ingredients from the land and sea. Its products aren’t defined by age or gender and are made to suit everyone.

The first product of the range is the Autophagy Facial Hydrator. It combines delicate marine collagen with powerful polyphenols, such as pomegranate, grapeseed, green tea (natural detoxifier), magnesium and the Māori restorative herb, Kawakawa to leave the skin feeling refreshed and happy. As it was intended, it is perfect for men post-shave and pre-make up for women.

“The ingredients in Autophagy are like supercharged antioxidants that go to work on the skin, while people get on with their lives.

“When creating Autophagy, sustainability was also front of mind for me. Product tubes are made from recycled sugar cane. It’s far from a petroleum-based product tube so it’s not adding to the carbon footprint and the box is recycled cardboard, printed with vegetable ink.”