The Story

The story behind Autophagy Skincare

Vania is a nationally accredited makeup artist and brow stylist with over 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry.
A luxury product with quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Let me explain to you what Autophagy is and how it works.

Autophagy is a Greek word which means self-eating. Our bodies all have this process of autophagy in every cell, it’s like our own little doctor that decides to clean up, discard or regenerate.

There are so many ways to activate autophagy in the body such as sleep, fasting and certain foods that help your body repair the environmental damage.

Autophagy Skincare is where the inside meets the outside.

When one deals with hard times in life it shows on your skin, with signs of dehydration and stress. Autophagy Skincare is a product that you can turn to when life is chaotic.

I have spent the past four years researching with the help of a dermatologist and a biochemist to bring this formulation.

Our body absorbs 60% of what we put on it, and when we can apply over 500 chemicals a day to our body, that’s a lot of unwanted toxins.

Autophagy Skincare is where the inside meets the outside.

I’ve created a unisex skincare product suitable for all ages. It is a light hydrating gel that, when applied, leaves your skin soft and moisturised, without feeling heavy. It also comes with the most refreshing, uplifting fragrance.

Autophagy skincare combines delicate marine collagen with powerful polyphenols, such as Pomegranate, grapeseed, green tea, which is a natural detoxifier, magnesium and the Maori restorative herb, Kawakawa. They are like supercharged antioxidants that go to work on your skin, while you get on with your life. It is perfect post shave for men or pre-make up for women.

When creating Autophagy, sustainability was front of mind. The tube is recycled sugarcane.

 It’s not a petroleum-based product so it’s not adding to that carbon footprint and the box is recycled cardboard, printed with vegetable ink. Part of the proceeds of Autophagy skincare will be donated to the SPCA.

Autophagy is a product close to my heart. It was born in darkness four years ago when I lost my partner. His beautiful soul is no longer here. Gone.

Not only was I heartbroken but I became deeply depressed. For me, researching autophagy saved my life as I took on the metaphor of self-renewal, the cleanup process of putting the goodness back in – where inside meets outside.

At a time when I couldn’t find happiness, I found meaning in service. Being of service to you all gives me purpose – a purpose to bring you a luxury product with quality ingredients at an affordable price.

I hope Autophagy brings you as much peace and balance as it has brought me.

Please remember whatever you’re going through, just hold on, breathe, take a step back and start again. The sun will rise again tomorrow.